Paris is the city of romance. It’s the city that knows no bounds when it comes to love. It’s a place where two beautiful souls unite to spend their time basking in the glory of the gorgeous city. It’s every lover’s dream.

And if you’re planning a Parisian-style wedding, you’re probably confused and overwhelmed. After all, pulling off the perfect French wedding isn’t an easy task. It takes meticulous planning, patience and time.

But that doesn’t mean your dream wedding will forever remain a fantasy and that you’d have to settle for something more traditional.

We at Arian Film Productions have got all the secrets you’re looking for! Here’s what you should do:

Deciding the Venue


The venue is the difficult part. Don’t go for your local park or a beach resort. Instead, opt for a French chateau or see if you can find a European-style hotel with a beautiful rose garden.

The theme is supposed to be subtle and floral. So, make sure you choose the venue accordingly.

The Decorations

Since the theme is supposed to be subtle, we recommend whimsical floral arrangements. As for the colours, we suggest gold accents with creamy and alluring blush tones.

We’ve already talked about floral arrangements. But that’s not the only thing you need to add to the decoration. You can also add a small and beautiful Eiffel Tower to the dessert table. Simply decorate the tower with you and your sweetheart’s names.

If you want to get more creative and think outside the box, we recommend adding small bicycle figurines as well. You can also have messages printed on small cards in French for every table.

Tell your guests just how much you appreciate them by printing out tokens of gratitude (with translation, of course.)


The Cake

How about we break the tradition of a three-tier cake and go with something else? We can go with a tower of macaroons or pastries! Or how about a grand setting of croquembouche instead? The more creative you get with French desserts, the better.

After all, a Parisian wedding without French desserts isn’t complete!

Hire Videography Services

And when it comes to making your wedding amazing, going with a Sydney wedding videography service is your best bet!

Arian Film Productions can capture the best moments of your wedding on film. From the little Bobby dabbing a piece of pastry on his little sister’s nose, to your first dance with your beau; we’ve got you covered with our wedding videos Sydney!

We also offer same day editing services. Feel free to contact us to learn more!